Simplified Decisions

• All the info you need for smart EV buying or selling decisions.
• Bundled services and hassle-free experience.
• Try before you buy subscription option.
• Trusted EVs and dealers.



• Essential EV buying tips and hands-on reviews on EVEEVO YouTube featuring Rebecca Jackson.
• Practical insights from our partnerships.
• Easily filter by TCO, range, charging time, lifestyle, tax incentives, and savings.



• Get personalized and dynamic real-time info and recommendations with our cutting-edge AI technology.
• Leveraging mobile features for enhanced user experience.
• Virtual Reality (VR) ready for immersive exploration.


Fun with EVs

• Race game comparator for added excitement.
• Race Rebecca feature for interactive engagement.
• Unique YouTube channel with EV-related challenges.

Eveevo Features

The challenges of EV adoption include difficulty in choosing the right EV for your lifestyle, limited practical information specific to your needs, a difficult EV transition journey, and the absence of a central place for all EV services.
Our mobile platform simplifies the challenges of EV adoption by providing practical information and a central place for all EV services. With an enhanced user experience that integrates AI/VR technology, our solution is accessible on-the-go and tailored to your needs.

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For individuals

  • All in one FREE Mobile Platform

    For all EVs & bundled services like home chargers. FREE with Anytime, anywhere access on IOS/Android

  • Lifestyle Chooser

    Helps find the perfect EV for your needs.

  • 24/7 EVEEVO help desk

    For expert EV advice & arranging test drives.

  • Smart AI

    For accurate & up-to-date EV info and features.

  • EV Subscription

    Subscription model options for added flexibility.


For Dealers

  • Mobile- Android & IOS

    Customers can view your cars anytime anywhere, increasing convenience and accessibility.

  • Improved Sales

    Improved EV sales conversion rates by attracting customers already interested in EVs. Additionally, our clever AI assists potential buyers and helps sell your car.

  • Customer Bundles

    Bundled products for customer satisfaction and convenience, like home chargers and charge cards.

  • 24/7 EVEEVO help desk

    Get Expert Assistance for selling your EVs

  • EV Subscription

    Subscription model with free initial trial

Invest in EVEEVO APP

HMRC Advance Approved For SEIS

EVEEVO is HMRC Advance Approved for The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
This reassures our investors that their investments will benefit from the advertised tax breaks.
  • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) Approved
  • High potential Return: As a startup in the EV world, we have the potential for high returns, which can be appealing to investors.
  • Tax relief: Investors can receive up to 50% income tax relief on investments made through SEIS, reducing their overall tax liability.
  • Capital gains tax exemption: Any gains made on the sale of SEIS shares after three years are exempt from capital gains tax, potentially offering significant returns for investors.
  • Low investment threshold: The minimum investment amount for SEIS is relatively low, making it accessible for a wider range of investors.
Join the EV revolution with Eveevo!

Our upcoming app is based on a business model that connects EV enthusiasts, buyers, and dealerships across the UK, offering a user-friendly solution for buying and selling EVs as we drive towards 2030.
  • Eveevo as an EV Business in UK
  • Experienced management team: Our skilled management team is confident in the EVEEVO's ability to succeed.
  • Innovative technology: Our features could disrupt the market and offer a competitive advantage.
  • Scalability potential: We are elastic, offering investors the opportunity to achieve significant returns.
  • Green technology focus: EVEEVO is focused on green technology, which is a growing industry with high potential for growth and returns.
  • Increasing demand for EV services: Demand for EV-related services is increasing- EVEEVO will offer convenience and accessibility to consumers.
  • Social impact: Investing in green technology will have a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Rebecca Jackson- Eveevo CEO
  • Rebecca is a championship-winning professional racing driver who has competed at the highest level in motorsport, such as the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race. She has the experience and skills to drive EVEEVO to success and overcome challenges.
  • Rebecca is a car reviewer, TV personality, and businesswoman who has appeared on major channels such as Sky News, ITV4, and CBBC. She has the charisma, influence, and network to promote the EVEEVO brand and attract customers and partners.
  • Rebecca is a motoring journalist who has work published in GQ Magazine, Auto Express, and The Sunday Times. She has the knowledge and expertise to provide valuable insights and feedback on our EVEEVO app and the industry trends.
  • Rebecca is a Guinness World Record holder for the most number of countries visited on one tank of fuel, in conjunction with a respected newspaper car reviewer.

Get in touch

0208 242 4727

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Invest in EVEEVO APP (SEIS Approved): invest@eveevo.co.uk

Partnerships: partner@eveevo.co.uk

General: info@eveevo.co.uk